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Why I love breath-work: number 3

By changing the way you breathe you can also help yourself become more relaxed. Calm down your nervous system and help you to get in a state of peaceful rest and relaxation.

This helps you to have deeper sleep, feel more relaxed, to recover from work, from exercise or any other emotional or stressful experiences that you went through during the day.

And this also opens you up to experience sexual arousal!

Your breath has a very special status in your body. It is both controlled by the autonomic part of your nervous system but can also be controlled by our own free will via our somatic nervous system.

Autonomic means that this part of your nervous system works on its own. It controlled your heartbeat, your breathing pace, the function of your internal organs, the blood flow, pupillary response, urination, smooth muscle fibres, glands and your se.xual arousal. And without your ever thinking about it your whole body reacts by changing the breath, the pace of your heartbeat and the tension in your muscles.

The autonomic nervous system has multiple branches: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic branch. The sympathetic branch is more connected to fight/flight and movement states of your body and this will also get activated during most of the stressful experiences you encounter in life.

The parasympathetic nervous system is more connected to the freeze state of your body (another reaction to stressful circumstances both emotional and physical stresses) and is also responsible for the rest & digest and safe & social states of your body.

And these last two parasympathetic states are important to us; the rest and digest are important for your body to get into a state of sleep and recovery. To digest your food and helps the cells and tissues of your body to heal and regenerate from daily use. Plus in order to feel social, to feel safe in your life and your body, to experience sexual arousal and pleasure we also need this last state of the parasympathetic nervous system in order to feel safe and social.

When you experience stress, anxiety, burn-out and other continuing emotional intense situations your body states in an alert state. And you never fully get to the rest/digest and safe/social states. Because of this, you might feel less energised, or always on alert, never safe, overwhelmed, irritated, depleted, overly emotional, agitated AND you might experience less arousal or even lose all sexual arousal & interest.

And the beautiful thing is that via the breath you actually have a way to activate this parasympathetic state that helps you to get to relaxation and opens you up for arousal!

Via consciously changing your breathing, bringing your focus to your body and your breath, you can alter the pace of your breath. And by doing this you can actually alter the state of your nervous system. And help yourself from feeling stressed to feeling more relaxed.

Help yourself to become grounded. To deepen the feeling of safety within. Bring your body in the parasympathetic modus where you are open to connecting with others.

Where you can experience sexual arousal.

Where you feel safe to play and feel pleasure!

—> Want to try it for yourself? check out my free breathwork practice:

--> Or invest in my Online course and try out 6 different breathwork practices! Breathe in Aliveness:

In this course, I share with you breathwork practices that help you experience more embodiment, pleasure, safety, grounding and aliveness inside yourself.

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