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Online coaching

Coaching for women: Over



A four-month coaching journey for women to help you shine in life & open yourself for more love and pleasure to move through your body. 




She who is. 

She who dares. 

She who is free.

She who shines.
She who feels love. 

She who follows her heart. 

She who blazes her own trail.

She who trusts her inner guidance. 


I am

I am she

I am she who feels

I am she who cries
I am she who loves

I am she who wants it all
I am she who desires more

I am she who dares to be held
I am she who experiences pleasure

I am she who longs for the heart to be filled

I am she who trusts and can surrender to life
I am she who hears the calling of her heart

I am she who brings pleasure into her life

I am she who is fierce and takes no shit

I am she who is vulnerable and powerful
I am she who sets her own boundaries
I am she who chooses love over fear
I am she who honours her body

I am she who is soft and strong

I am she who chooses me

I am she who opens up
I am she who cares



You are She

You are she who decides for herself

That she can be all she wants to be

That she can have all the love she longs for

That she can be safe and happy and full of pleasure


She who is radiant


You are She who allows radiance to lead her life


You are She

You are radiant


You are ready

To be






Your body, your temple



Coaching for women

Become grounded in pleasure

I will support you in finding the bliss inside yourself

In feeling the powerful creatrix inside you
In allowing your heart to open up for love
Creating sensual pleasure for yourself

Building grounds for deeper intimacy

Feeling worthy and safe through it all

Surrendering to the pleasure energy

Finding your inner truth and love

In awakening your senses

Becoming the radiant you 

In opening up to feel it all


So you can be She

She who is radiant

She who shines




Do you feel her calling you? 


Contact me to set up a free desire call. 

Image by Gustavo Scafeli

Learn to connect deeper to your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself and act from there. I'll help you in becoming more aware of what your body is telling you, finding more love and confidence inside yourself. Creating a life that is deeply filled with love and pleasure, where you feel safe to be your unique self.
Healing your heartbreak, fears, shame and lack beliefs.

Your body is your own pleasure portal, the way to experience amazing states of bliss, confidence, love and to experience a life filled with pleasure and deeper intimacy.

Creating a life for you that makes you feel sensual, blissful and supported,

full of radiance and trust!

Contact me for a free chat about pleasure, intimacy, love and embodiment! 
Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Love, Renee 
Coaching for women: Producten

If you want to feel more alive,

want to create more pleasure and love in your life

This coaching is for you! 

The pathway in, is via your own body.  

To connect deeper with yourself.

To become more aware of your sensations, your own pleasure, your internal guidance, your internal drive. 

Together we create deeper trust: in yourself, in your body, in life and in others. 

The coaching method I use is the VitaTM coaching method. I combine this with my personal experience’s (of life, embodiment and tantra) and with my professional knowledge of the body from my background as a Physiotherapist (working with people and their body’s for over 12 years) and my work as an animal Osteopath. 

This coaching is way more than just talk sessions.

With talking we only influence your conscious mind. But your mind also has a subconscious and an unconscious part. These parts are connected to your emotions, to any traumatic or stressful experiences you had in life. And too deep rooted beliefs and feelings that stem from your childhood. (F.i. about worthiness, deservingness, trust, safety.)

These deep rooted beliefs influence every decision we make and have a deep impact on how we respond and react in daily life.

The problem is we are just not conscious of these beliefs.

So as long as you don’t bring them to consciousness they will keep continue to influence your life, your beliefs, your behaviour and your choices. 

I use multiple tools and techniques to uncover and change these deep rooted beliefs.

We find back your connection with your own body. From there we tap deeply into your own internal wisdom. 

By connecting your internal wisdom to your own pleasure we create new and strong positive pathways in your brain.

And bring you to the place where you are now able to open up to a more pleasure filled life! 

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