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Your energy is what attracts others

And your inner experience is your main energy source

Your energy attracts people to you.

Can you think back and remember one of those times in the past that you met a group of new people and immediately felt drawn towards a specific person in that group?

Not just for the way they looked, and not just in a primal and sexual way. But feeling drawn toward someone without really knowing why.

Just having that feeling that you want to sit closer to them, connect with them. Talk to them or even just be in their energy space.

It might have been some time since this happened in person because of the whole covid situation of the world. But this can also happen for you online.

Even though the screen, when someone is in their element and feels good we can sense this, taste this, feel this.

Feeling drawn towards someone for who they are.

What they embody. How they make you feel. For how they inspire you. Bring out parts that you have been hiding. How they show you what is possible in life, show you what is possible in your life.

And now imagine that you can be this person for someone else.

You can be that one person that stands out in the room, that radiates a little different. You can be the one that feels a bit more grounded and present. You can become that kind of person that just is. Overall feeling good with themselves without feeling any need to brag about this.

Because you know that you know. Because your energy and actions will speak for themselves.

You don't need to tell it anymore because the right people, the ones who are ready for you will sense it. Will feel it. Will see it.

This is who you can be.

Free from the inner demons that constantly hold you back. Free from the crippling insecurity’s that keep you stuck.

Now imagine that you are this deeply in touch with yourself. You have released your deepest fears, found a deeper place of knowing and trust within you. An inner knowing that you are meant for more in this life.

You are.

In touch with your inner longings.

In touch with your heart, your power and your wisdom. In touch with what matters to you and to those around you.

In touch with who you are & with who you are really ment to be!

One of the most beautiful and pleasurable ways to get there is via connecting with your inner energy.

With the life force and sexual energy inside you. To connect with this in a completely new direction.

Connecting with your core. Your power. You

Having pleasure lift you up in life, having pleasure fill you up from the inside. Having pleasure as a path of deep healing and inner feeling.

No longer denying what is you, no longer denying what feels good for you in this life.

But getting in contact with your inner fuel in life.

How you can create magic and pleasure in a form that fills you up and makes you feel alive. To liberate yourself and truly start living your life from a place of love and trust in you!

Yes, this is also possible for you 🙂


Do you feel the desire to contact this inside you, to liberate yourself and make this energy shift for yourself? Email me and I will share more about how I can support you in this!


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