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The power of sexuality coaching!

January 2019 I started a year long program to become a sex, love and relationships coach. Back then I only told a couple of people about it, mostly friends that were in the conscious/tantra scene. But telling the rest of the world felt unsafe for me.

I feel shame, shame for openly being so interested in this topic of sexuality, fear of being rejected for it.

The first 4 months the biggest part of the training was about our own healing, our own sexuality and awareness process. 

And I love, love, loved it. 

I loved everything I learned, everything I experienced, everything I felt.

Even though it was intens, it brought up deep and hidden emotions, overwhelm, resistance, trauma and it takes a lot of time, energy and effort. 

It brings up tears, fears, lack beliefs, 

it pushes all my protective mechanisms, all the armour that I put around myself, armour to feel a little less, armour to protect myself from losing love, losing safety, losing controle. It peels it away, layer by layer or sometimes in wild gushes of breaking open (and breaking down).

I love it

This training was a beautiful combination of scientific knowledge, of body work, tantra and spirituality. 

Working with mind, body and soul, working with conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of us, working with the cortex, the limbic system and the primal brain. 

I now I am proud to say that

I love my own sensuality, my orgasmic body, I loved what it has brought me in the last 4 years and I know it will continue to bring me a lot more beauty, joy, happiness and growth. 

But still there is shame

I still feel sometimes feel ashamed to speak up and tell people that I am studying a sex, love and relationships coach. 

Somehow it feel superficial, the sex part I mean. 

Like I only care about having good sex, being sexual, feeling desired or something like that. 

Yes I learned about sex, yes we had to do self-pleasure as home work (and even this kind of homework brings up resistance when you have to do it week after week 😉), Yes we talked about orgasm and about not being able to orgasm, about sex-drive, our pussy, about cock, about turn on.   

But it is so much more! 

The core is self-love, self-healing, empowerment, creating inner safety, emotional healing, embracing all that life brings us, learning to hold yourself (more, and more, and more). 

We learned neuroscience of our brain, the science of falling in love, inner-child wounding and trauma healing, we dove deep in the real anatomy and neurology of our genitals (trust me there is way more to discover in your pussy than just your clitoris), 

Its about relationships: with yourself and with your loved ones. 

About becoming more embodied, discovering your inner guidance and discovering and heal all the emotional pain or stress that you keep in your body and in your tissues. 

It's about learning about your own limiting thought patterns, your own expectations and desires in every area of our life. 

It’s about our inner wisdom, our empowerment, about healing shame, healing societal beliefs and sisterhood wounds, it’s about the power of breath, the power of love and of orgasm. 

It's about cheering each other on instead of dragging each other down. It’s about sisterhood, supporting each other instead of gossip and envy.

It's about becoming our most radiant self and learning others to become that too! 

There is so much beauty in it, so much love, so much healing and joy.

I want to shine and I want you to shine with me. 

For me this path is a way to grow, to learn and trust. It is also about allowing myself to love myself more than ever before. 

Are you with me? 

Let me know! And feel free to contact me for more info about my coaching

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