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Why I love breathwork, reason number 2!

Breathwork can really help you to tap into your primal knowledge and you own deep inner wisdom and power.

When doing certain types of Breathwork you create a beautiful effect on your brain. The effect of becoming more embodied And this is something I'm really enthusiastic about! It’s not a coincidence that I named my coaching business "Embodied Pleasures”! The body contains so much pleasure and power potential inside, it’s an amazing thing to feel that in yourself and connect with that primal wisdom and pleasure potential inside you.

In normal day to day life we, in the western world, are most of the time living our life making decisions with the neo-cortex part of our brain. This is the most advanced part of our brain. It is our conscious, thinking mind. Our capacity to think and use this part of our brain is what makes us stand out from other mammals who only have a much smaller neo-cortex in their brain.

But! By living from this thinking, analysing part of the brain we tend to forget the wisdom of our body. We get disconnected from our body’s guidance, from our own internal wisdom. No longer feeling our body signals. Maybe even going into burn-out, psychosomatic physical illnesses and feeling stressed, unhappy, depleted or stuck in your life as a result from only listening to your conscious brain. We sort of get hijacked by our thoughts, fully believing our own thoughts, and wanting to control what happens in our life by deliberate actions and well thought out decisions.

So how does the breath-work influences this?

When doing breathwork one of the effects is that this conscious part of the brain gets to slow down a bit and becomes a little bit less controlling, a little bit less overruling the other parts of your brain.

And when this happens the other parts of your brain that are in contact with your emotions and in contact with your more primal states of being get more space to be felt and heard.

By turning down the volume of the neo-cortex part of your brain. You will be able to start to hear the other parts of your brain and to start to hear your body communicating with you. These softer whispers of your body and internal wisdom become more present during the breathwork. You will be able to feel more sensations and emotions. Get a stronger connection to your inner primal embodied wisdom.

To the inner wisdom that is also trying to guide you in life. But when you never tune into it, you won’t be able to hear it. You won’t be able to receive this guidance from within.

Breathwork can really help you to start to create a connection with this inner wisdom. To become more aware of what is alive inside you. And with that, building trust inside yourself, trust in what your own body is telling you.

Because your body is wise, a lot wiser than most of us give it credit for.



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