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Why I love Breathwork, Reason number 1.

Bijgewerkt op: 3 sep. 2020

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Number 1) It will make you feel alive and buzzing in your whole body. It's like your own personal drug :)

The first time I experienced this buzzing sensation all over my body was during my very first retreat experience in the mountains of Spain. 

We did a breathwork session with the whole group, breathing through all our chakras. 

I never did anything with chakras before that retreat. I hardly had any breathwork experience. 

But the amazing vibe of this place, of the retreat, all the ecstatic dancing we did, the embodiment practices, the intense breath session, my full intention to go for it & the breathwork itself opened me up big time. 

At the end of the session, I felt this buzzing sensation over my whole body. Tingly feelings on my arms, legs, chest. Like every cell of my skin became alive. 

I felt high, It felt blissful. 

I didn’t want this feeling to stop. I just felt this peaceful bliss washing over my body. 

And it didn’t stop for quite some time. 

I think that for at least 20 minutes after the session I was still laying on the ground. Enjoying the sensations in my body. Feeling blissful. 

It lasted so long that at some point I actually started to worry if I would ever go back to normal 🙂 

Well, it did, my body and sensations eventually turn back to normal. 

But my life never turned back to normal after this retreat. 

I ended up in the retreat because I listened to my gut feeling that told me to go. And after that week in Spain, I was so confirmed about my bodies wisdom that I could never go back again to living my life the old way. 

From that moment on I tasted what else was possible for me. 

I tasted what else was possible in life!

Love, Renee Want to get a taste and try this breath-work for yourself?

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