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Why I love breath work, reason number 5!

My love for Breath-work explained

In everything that I do, I keep coming back to working with the breath and with breathwork practices. So I wanted to dive a little deeper and share a bit more about what your breath actually can do for you. I created a video with my top 5 reasons and today I explain reason number 5 

Watch the video where I share with you my top 5 reasons why I love breath-work:

Why I love breathwork, reason number 5

It can be an amazing tool to help you experience more pleasure inside your own body.

To become more aware of feelings and experiences in your body, opening yourself up for new blissful sensations!

This can be a start to feeling full body orgasm and even energy orgasms!

Our whole body has the potential to become orgasmic. But as long as we block the energy flow we won’t allow it, we won’t feel it, we won’t experience this.

Breathwork can help in multiple ways.

By doing breathwork you let goof some conscious control & by doing so you allow more feelings in, you allow more emotions in, you allow more sensations in.

Thereby becoming more embodied in the moment.

When becoming more embodied (instead of stuck in your head and your thoughts about how things should be),

in the embodied state you create more focus on your physical sensations (instead of your thoughts). Our thoughts tend to take up a lot of space and a lot of our focus in many situations. 

Once you become more aware of your body and able to let go of the wandering thoughts, worries and distractions, you will start to experience deeper pleasure in your own body.

I bet you there is a lot more happening sensation wise in your own body than what you are aware of right now

By using the breath you not only open up your mouth and voice but also your pelvic floor muscles. And these muscles play a huge role in how much plea§ure you can experience.

Plus by using the breath you bring extra blood flow to your pelvic floor.

The breath can help you to calm yourself and ground yourself when you feel emotions or stressed, and at the same time, it can help you to open up to feel more. Become less numb, it takes away a layer of our protective wall.

When you learn how to allow any/all emotions in (instead of pushing your unwanted emotions down) you will access a whole new source of orgasmic energy.

Because every emotion inside you is a source of energy in your own body that has the potential to be turned into orgasmic energy!

And the breath is a key ingredient in turning emotion into pleasure!

--> Are you ready to call in more pleasure, love, softness, laughter, relaxation and bliss?

Sounds weird, sounds amazing?

I dare you to try it out with me and start filling your life with pleasure :)

Contact me for one-on-one coaching on all things related to (self)love, sexuality, embodiment and (tantric) intimacy. 

✨✨✨  For those who are interested in experiencing breathwork in relation to pleasure I have a mini-course that is a perfect place to start this journey!

✨ Do you want to learn how to use breath and embodiment to create deeper blissful states of pleasure for yourself? And experience new states of aliveness and vibrancy?

For just €39,93 you can start to change your life forever!

✨✨✨ And I also created a longer online course that is all around breathwork. In this course, we work with 6 very different breathwork practises. All giving you different states of energy inside your body and having a different effect on your mind and body. 

Together making your capacity to feel yourself, heal yourself and enjoy yourself broader and wider! 

"Breathe in Aliveness!" 

Do you want to feel calm and vibrant at the same time? 
Have a stronger sense of worthiness and confidence in yourself. 
A deeper connection with your body and the pleasure inside yourself? 
In this course, I share with you the amazing tools that helped me go from numb and low energy into feeling alive & vibrant. 
These amazing tools also helped me to discover the great orgasmic potential of my full body! 

Don't you wish that instead of numbing yourself in order not to feel the stress or sadness?

That instead you would know ways to deal with whatever life throws at you? 

That you have the ability to turn your stress and emotional pain into a moment of aliveness and trust? 

To turn the stress and pain into something that feels good? Check out the course here:

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