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Do you believe you should trust your mind to always guide you in life?

Do you think you should trust your mind to guide you in life? 

To trust your mind with that? 

You mind with all his tricks. 

Your mind that has all these lack beliefs, all these engraved patterns and unconscious beliefs that stem from childhood. 

The mind that is already programmed for centuries to keep you safe? 

Programmed to see danger in every situation, to always be on high alert to save yourself from that lion that might step out of the bushes? 

Your primal mind that focuses on danger instead of opportunity? 

Would you want to live a life that is solely guided by that? By fear, by danger and not feeling safe?

Did you know that your body is actually also guiding you? 

That is the guide that you should trust. Not the turning belly or the clenching throat. 

But deeper, in your heart, your sex and in your gut.

That is where you inner guidance, your gut feeling and your power exist. 

That is the home of the part of you that knows. The part of you that knows the way, that beliefs you are worthy. 

The part of you that trust. 

The place where you believe and feel that you are safe and loved. 

Always, already, right here, right now.

This is the deepest part of you that recognises, 

it recognises that what feels good. 

The part of you that trusts all that feels good and that dares to act on it. 

Even if it doesn't make sense to follow it. Not for yourself, not for the others around you. 

The part of you that knows, 

it doesn't know why but it knows. 


Because it feels good. 

Because it is your path.

And therefore you are the only one who feels it. 

You are the only one who knows it. 

Stop questioning it and dare to go. 

Dare to go where it takes you, 

to go where you take yourself.

Dare to take that step and follow you inner yes. 

To follow what feels good and see the beauty that evolves on your way.

& Let me know, does this resonate for you?

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