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Do you want to experience more pleasure in your life and in your own body?

Try my online mini-course: 
Grow your pleasure!

Would you like to learn to connect deeper with your own body, with your sensations, and with the hidden pleasure potential inside you?

The tools you learn in this mini-course are tools that have helped me to become aware of my body, the energy and all the sensations in it.


This awareness created the opening to experience new realms of pleasure and sensuality with myself and in life.

The awareness to feel pleasure in a way I had never felt before!


I love to share them with you and help you on your path of exploration!



What will you receive?


A five-day mini-course with three different practices: 


- Body meditation: To help you connect to your body and your physical sensations 

- Sensual breath-work practise to open up your body and your sensuality

- Guided sensual embodied pleasure practice!



- Exploration workbook with daily journaling questions 

- Video and audio guidance for the practices

- The option to share your experiences with other people in the course

Breathe in Aliveness! 
Online course with 6 potent breathwork practicess. 

Breathe in Aliveness! 
Online course with 6 potent breathwork practicess. 

Do you want:
To feel calm and vibrant at the same time?
Have a stronger sense of worthiness and confidence in yourself.
A deeper connection with your body and the pleasure inside yourself?
In this online course, I share with you the amazing tools that helped me go from numb & low energy into
feeling alive & vibrant.
The practices that helped me get to living life with such a deeper level of confidence and trust in both life in general and in myself.
These amazing tools also helped me to discover the great 0rgasmic potential of my full body!
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