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Subtle Dominance

First rope play in 5 months.

Tying her up.

I noticed I was looking forward to doing this together with her.

I already knew her from before. I knew she was sensitive and receptive to my energy. Able to surrender when I could make her feel safe and cared for.

It was like a dance, and the dance started the moment she could fully drop into her body.

This moment, the moment she got out of her thoughts and melted into surrender, that moment my own flow-state started as well.

My thoughts diminished. The environment was no longer distractive.

The other 2 pairs of eyes, watching us, no longer seemed important. My full focus was on her and on our flow together.

A flow of movement where I also could surrender to my intuition. Could surrender to the flow & be the dominant person at the same time.

Dominance in subtle ways. Sometimes hardly visible.

But dominant none the less.

Slow movement, little quick movements.

Breaks in between.

Soft caresses.

Silence and no movement.

Creating extra tension on the rope, moving her body with minimalistic cues.

With the rope, lifting her head and torso up while I was standing 2 meters away.

Laying still, letting her wait.

Caressing her.

Her being tied up in a position where she had no control whatsoever.

Hardly touching the rope, sensing where her body wanted to move, where her body had the possibility to be moved by me.

Letting her become aware of my energy and presence.

Moving away again.

It looks gentle, it is gentle.

But at the same time. I am constantly in full control of her movement and body posture.

She doesn’t have a choice, al she can do is follow my lead.

And in that flow, that play with surrender and connection, we are coming together. Being as one. Moving as one.

This is the way I like to play.



--> Want to learn more about stepping into conscious dominance & presence with your partner? Making your partner feel safe in these situations while playing with surrender and domination?

Learning how to get comfortable in the more dominant role or feel safe and able to guard your own boundaries in the surrendered side of the play?

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