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Love,  intimacy and embodiment 

Create deeper intimacy
with yourself and your partner.
& Embody pleasure in all areas of your life!

Do you want to feel more alive,
to create and experience more pleasure and love every day?

Deepening the connection with your own body brings you in touch with your personal power.

Together we are creating the freedom for you to step into living a life full of pleasure!

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Your own body is your portal into a more pleasure filled and juicy life.


To a life that feels more authentic, a life were you can show and share your true colours with the world. Were you feel seen, accepted and loved for the person that you are. 


Love and pleasure, these are the juices of our life. 

These are the experiences that bring the sparkles to your world. 

The pleasurable experience of the wonderful and blissful sensations of love, of ecstasy, of pleasure, are inside your own body.

You feel these good feelings, these yummy sensations inside your body.


The touch on your skin, the love in your heart, the smell of a lover in your nose, the soft tender kisses on your lips, a smack on the butt, sexual arousal and desire for touch in your pelvic area and sexual organs, the taste of slightly salty skin when you kiss your lovers body, silence of mind in the moment of orgasm, feelings of safety and beloning in the arms of someone you trust and feel safe with. 


A lot of people in this world walk around pretty disembodied,

I know I did too. 

Living inside their head, constant stream of thoughts, worries, fears, and things that need to be done that keep you busy all day long. 


Were is the juice in that? 

Were is the love in that? 

Where is the pleasure in that? 

It’s not in the head, not in our thoughts, not in our attempts to controle every single second of our life’s experience. 


The pleasure is in the moments where you feel alive.

In the moments that you can surrender too your experience & enjoy every inch of what life brings to you in the right now moment.  


The pleasure is felt in your body, the love is felt in your heart,

not in your head. 

Worrying about the past or the future will not bring your joy in the now. It will only bring you misery. 


You are meant to feel loved. You are meant to experience pleasure. You are safe to follow your desires. You are here to share your inner beauty with the world. 

Happiness is here for you. 


Happiness doesn’t mean never feeling shitty, it means being able to bring yourself back to what matters most to you in every situation in life. 

And this is something that is also here available for you. 


Creating happiness means becoming emotional intelligent, becoming embodied in your daily experience. Opening up for every emotion that life brings to you, opening up to let all of these energies to move you, to enrich your life, to allow your emotional and embodied wisdom in. 

Becoming more attuned with what you really want, with what you really desire for your life. For yourself. 


You deepest dreams, the beauty and love that your heart is longing for. 


Deeper love, deeper connection, deeper intimacy. 


The feeling of aliveness, of freedom, of being filled with pleasure. 


Feeling safety, feeling safe to express and to be yourself. Safe to feel, safe to be who you desire to be. 


A life where you can trust yourself, where you have an inner feeling of power to always come back to. An inner support system to always rely on. 

Connecting to your powerful core as a human being. 



The feelings of love, safety and power. Three amazing qualities that we all are able to create within ourself. There are here for you inside yourself. 

And they will create a fundament for your life to become magical. 

For your life to become pleasure filled, to create bliss, to create love, to create deeper intimacy with yourself and your loved ones. 


To become filled with pleasure, to become the embodiment of your personal pleasure flavoured life! 


This is what is here waiting for you, 

waiting for you to say yes to


A life filled with love and pleasure!

Love, Renee

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"I came to Renee as I was experiencing struggles in my romantic relationships. I have done personal work before but I felt stuck in states of anxiety and fear and pain. I didn't know how to go past this.
During the coaching I gained a clear understanding of what was going on, how, on a body level my wounds were still present and interfering in my life.

Renee had a clear understanding of what was going on and I felt deeply supported. She guided me towards powerful embodiment practises where I felt instantly relieved with clear embodied guidance and tools to practise after the session towards healing.


I am very grateful for this experience and I definitely recommend Renee's coaching." 

Angie, Paris


Online coaching

You are ready to live a life filled with more love and pleasure!

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Coaching for women

Become grounded in pleasure

Learn to connect with your inner guidance, trust yourself and act from there. I'll help you in becoming more aware of what your body is telling you, finding more love, pleasure, and confidence inside yourself.
Creating a life that is deeply filled with love and pleasure. You stepping up and feeling safe to be your unique self. Exploring new terrains of embodiment, empowerment, sensuality and (self)love.
Living a life that makes you feel sensual and supported,

full of radiance and trust to let your authentic feminine essence shine into the world.


Coaching for men

Embody your natural masculine energy

Embracing your own sexuality, find your personal power.
Connecting with your natural masculine essence is your superpower. Living from that place creates the freedom to explore and to enjoy life fully.
Learn tantric ways of self-pleasure and find new pleasure and bliss states inside your own body. 

Heal your wounded heart from past experiences.  Find calmness and aliveness inside your experience of daily life.

Learn new ways to create deeper connection and intimacy, and become confident in giving your women the pleasure she longs for. 

Creating deep connection, a natural presence and amazing sexual experiences!


"My goal was to have a calmer mind and to create a deeper connection with my partner. 

After already having been coached by others before, I was a bit sceptical at the start of our first session if these processes would really work. 

During the sessions, we discovered that this was combined with me feeling that I didn’t deserve to achieve my goal. 

All my life I have struggled with feeling unworthy, feeling that I am not enough. I have worked on this before with other coaches and guidance. So when I starting the sessions with Renee, I mentally knew that I am worthy, but it still didn’t feel real inside me. 

I still could not feel that worthiness in my own body. 


After the first session, I already felt things stirring up and changing for me.  This continued in the next sessions. I only did a couple of sessions but I can feel and see the changes in my life and inside myself. 


Now everything seems to be going smoother. 

I feel calmer and less bothered with things that used to give me stress. My partner also notices the difference in me and in our interaction. 

Everything is going smoother with my staff and in communication with other people around me. 


During the sessions, I discovered subtle changes in the worthiness feeling inside my body. I felt it becoming stronger.

During sessions, I also experience new physical sensations in my body. During some practices, I could feel the energy starting to move in my body, an electrifying, almost erotic and warm feeling!  



Renee gave me a different perspective during the coaching. She has a very gentle and calm way of guiding the session and the process.  In previous therapy with others, I have experienced myself closing down and not sharing because it did not feel good. 

Renee’s soft and gentle energy really helped me to open up in a deeper way during our sessions." 


Male, 52

"For me it was the first time to receive coaching via a screen. This idea had to land with me and I was quite negative beforehand because I thought it would become impersonal. 

After experiencing it, I can honestly say that Renee made sure the sessions were personal and it didn't bother me at all that she was physically absent.


During the coaching Renee was able to point me in the right direction with good questions and great patience.

What I particularly liked is her calm energy and her gift to ask exactly the right questions. 

The exact questions that put me to work, to think about my thoughts and the issues that I am struggling with.


The coaching and exercise's provided many insights. Thank you very much for this great coaching!"

Avelino, male

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About me

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Animal lover, observer, sensual, (ecstatic) dance enthusiast, loves cuddles and loves to curl up on someone's lap and be stroked as a pussy cat, determent to follow my inner guidance, curious, open to exploring all the amazingness that is life!


After a traumatic ending of my first long term relationship (my boyfriend died unexpectedly), I continued living my life but never felt fully alive again. Feeling numbed out, fearful and alone. 

A couple of years later I entered into a new relationship: It didn’t work, we stayed together for way too long, triggering each other. And I lost all self-confidence and self-love in the process.
Even though I did not felt cared for and respected, I was so afraid to end up alone that I could not leave him.  So I stayed with him for way to long, even though we were both unhappy. 

When in the end he ended the relationship I knew I had to change something. I knew I had to heal my grief and my abandonment issue's, had to gain more self-love and trust in myself.

I realized that already during that relationship I had felt my inner guidance guiding me, but I did not have the guts and trust to follow it. 

So I went all in: I started exploring self-love, building my confidence, constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, following my inner desires and inner yes, experiencing new ways of self-pleasure, new ways of relating, of giving and receiving love.

I started to connect deeper with my own body, my inner pleasure, becoming more grounded, getting myself more and more in my body instead of worrying in my head all of the time. 

It has been a road of struggles, with confronting situations, deep grief, tears, frustration, resistance, and getting to know myself and my deepest fears.


But it has been the most rewarding learning process of my life.


My internal and external life has changed so much in the last 5 years and it keeps on changing for the good. I gained so much healing, growth and learning.

I feel so much more safe en secure in life, safe and secure with my own desires,  my emotions, my own boundaries.
My brain can still step into worry modus but it’s maybe 10% of what it used to be.
I feel so much calmer and happier in daily life.


And on top of that, I created so, so many juicy and lovely experiences for myself. I fell in love with my own orgasmic body and my strong capacity to feel in every sense. 

I met so many lovely people, people that guided me, helped me, loved me or inspired me. I had tons of amazing experiences. Things that I could not even imagine myself doing when you had asked me 3 years ago.  

I brought me tantra, shibari, amazing intimate and life-changing sensual experiences, deeper embodiment, so many pleasurable states that I never experienced before, a deeper experience of love for myself and others, aliveness, adventures, healing, trust, inner safety & confidence
& it brought me back to myself. 


It gave me a new secure base inside myself from where I can create my life filled with more love, pleasure, confidence, trust, and more magic than I could ever imagine before I started this journey. 

I hope to inspire you to do the same. To inspire to follow your inner Yes, to take a tiny step outside your comfort zone, explore new magic and create a life that is grounded in pleasure and love. 

Love, Renee

Online courses and freebies: 

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"We are born with this inner guidance, which comes in the form of a desire for a better life, a good education, more love, more joy and more fulfilment every day.

It comes through the pursuit of freedom, pleasure and joy."

Dr. Christiane Northrup


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